Crafty Time: The Doctor Who Shoes

Before you ask, yes, I am still busily writing away at NaNo.  But even with that going on, sometimes you need to make time for other things.  Additionally, sometimes your shoes wear out and you need to craft new ones.  Yes, need.  😀

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Hello dear friends!  Just a little reminder that today (as of roughly one hour and forty-three minutes ago on the East coast), it is National Novel Writing Month!  I am working on rewriting a trilogy I began roughly two years ago that involves Shakespeare characters in Grimms’ fairy tales, and it seems to be going fairly well so far.

If you’d like to be my buddy, my NaNo username is HereThereBe_Works, and I always try to follow back!  I am hoping to keep this as well as my Facebook author page updated on my progress (including the occasional rant about characters/plot bunnies that don’t want to cooperate), so check back often for more.

Okay, enough of this.  It’s time to go back to torturing an emotionally unstable Juliet.

I’m Alive, I Promise

Oh hey there.  So yes.  I am, in fact, still alive.  Just incredibly busy.  But today is October 1st, which means it is exactly a month until NaNo, which reminded me that I write things and all that.

I haven’t really got much to say here beyond that.  However, I did find an old poem from high school that greatly amused me, so perhaps I shall drop it here just for fun.

Style Gurus Yarn Spinners


believe this was for my Creative Writing class, but I’m not positive.  If so, that means it’s from junior year in high school.  In case you can’t read it dash aren’t reading it the way I envisioned it, I’m including just the text below.

Style Gurus…Yarn Spinners…

Ivory Destination

Take Me to the River

great people watch






Voila! a huge HOORAY!


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Seeking Truth, Chapter One – Meeting Potter

Yes, I know, I realize I said before that I would focus on the ABCs before posting anything new.  I’m a perpetual liar.  It’s part of my Slythinclaw charm.  Besides, Seeking Truth is done (and has been for months, long before this blog even considered coming into existance), and after discussing it with one of my long-time literary assistants (Shannon speak for ‘my awesome former German prof who always gives me really excellent suggestions’), I decided I needed to go back to this story and try and figure it all out.  The general premise is as follows: Elizabeth Hogan, a twenty-year-old Potions mistress from America, sets out for London after receiving some significant news.  With the help of a certain Boy Who Lived, they set out to uncover the truth.  With that, I give you Seeking Truth.

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Here and There: Chapter Ten

This has been, quite possibly, one of the most infuriatingly stressful and yet awesome writing experiences of my life.  I have been working on Here and There since January – practically nine months of feverish plotting, anxious editing, altering, surprising twists and turns (I really and truly intended for Gold/Rumplestiltskin to be my baddie, but…I just love him…so much…), and general angst toward all of this, and I am frankly quite glad that I can finally (roughly) consider it complete.  We really are our worst critiques, meaning that I still don’t entirely like how this chapter in particular goes, but I’m throwing it to the wind and your opinions.  Let me know what you think, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

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Crafty Time: The Doctor Who Shirt

Recently (as in over the last two or so months) my amazing friend Ashlee has gotten me into Doctor Who.  She’s currently going to grad school in London and one day messaged me on Facebook that we were going to start watching the Doctor whether I liked it or not.  I’m somewhat obliging, so I agreed.  And was basically hooked instantly.

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Here and There: Chapter Nine

I’m doing decently well at getting this posted now that I’m focused, aren’t I?  This is the second to last chapter and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish it all up in the next couple of days.  Not much to say about this…other than sorry for the cliffhanger.  🙂

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Here and There: Chapter Eight

So my goal is to get this bad boy all up and complete over the course of the next couple of days.  This chapter is the last of the already edited ones (although I had to do another pretty serious edit before it was ready to go up here), but I’m hoping for the best.  There are a few notes (follow the bouncing *’s to the bottom), so pay attention to those.  Other than that, I don’t think I have much to say.  We’re quickly approaching the climax, so yay for excitement!

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Here and There: Chapter Seven

Hello again, friends!  I’ve been feeling rather guilty about the lack of completion for Here and There (both on here and on my account), so I decided to try and focus on that right now.  I’m kind of in a weird state of distraction at the moment – I’ve come to realize that it’s a side effect from NaNo.  After spending an entire month completely focused on one story with a specific, fixed deadline, coming back down to real life is difficult.  But, I shall attempt to sally on.  Besides, I have an excellent idea for a Sherlock version of the show Whodunnit? that I have started, but I don’t want to get too into it without finishing something in limbo first.  Therefore, Here and There has become that project!  This chapter is almost a kind of filler one, illustrating some of the developments of Hook and Abby’s relationship before the bigger action occurs.  I’ve had this idea of their final interaction of this chapter in my head since before I started writing the story, so I knew it had to be included.  They end up reading a few very carefully selected stories…and I managed to figure out a way to get Harry Potter in there!  I have a few short, fun oneshots that I’ve written and started to post on my page, but I decided to hold off on posting those here until I’ve finished up the regular story.  One step at a time, right?  So enjoy, and hopefully I can get the next chapter up very soon!

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You Found Me

Here sits my first inevitable attempt at Sherlock fanfiction.  I was on Tumblr earlier and came across this post, and honestly, how could I resist?  So I spent the next threeish hours feverishly writing, and here is the result.  The ending’s corny and I’m still not entirely pleased with all of it, but you know what?  I feel spectacularly awesome after writing this, so enjoy.

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